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"Betsy and Angie made redecorating our island home a pleasure! And we're delighted with the results. They helped with everything from emptying the house of old furniture to changing the light fixtures; and they kept within our budget, consulted us every step of the way, and thought of every detail to make our house a warm and inviting home. The best part is that it was a joy to work with them – and what could have been a stressful and difficult task was made easy for us. We can't thank them enough!"

Wyndie and Doug Eberle
Bald Head Island, NC


"Over the years, I had the distinct advantage of observing Betsy & Angie's work with Summer House Designs.  Every house they decorated had its own uniquely beautiful style.  They listen to your requests regarding favorite colors and types of artwork/furniture.  Then they both tastefully takes it from there.


If there could be people with 'two left feet' in the world of decorating, I would be one of them.  With Betsy & Angie, our house is set on a firm, stylish foundation.  Comfort too is fantastic!  The sofas, chairs, beds, etc. they are all comfy.  Guests have commented that the beds are the most comfortable they've ever slept in.  I would definitely hire Summer House Designs again for the beach or the mountains or anywhere in between!"


Bald Head Island, NC


"We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Summerhouse Designs for your superb decorating services. From picking out paint colors, fabrics, furniture, and accessories, everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. We will be forever grateful for making our house a home. "

Asheboro, NC


"Working with Angie & Betsy of Summer House Designs made decorating our home go so well! Although the ladies of Summer House Designs made the big decisions, I felt such a part of the process & felt that my taste and personality really shone in every decor choice. They got to know me and my decorating goals by first spending a day shopping, pointing out what I love (and what I don’t), looking through the fabric, sitting on the furniture, and genuinely getting a feel for my style.

You know how it is…you know your style and what you love, but it just misses the mark when you try putting it all together. Not with Summer House Designs! They captured what I was going for to a T! The best thing of all is the cohesion from one room to the next. Each room is unique, but Angie and Betsy made every color and accessory somehow complement each other even among the varying rooms. Another favorite of mine is their use of color without being gaudy…tasteful pops of color are a trademark of Summer House Designs for sure! There is nothing bland in their style. I recommend Summer House Designs to anyone ready to give their home a little facelift or a full-body makeover!"

Stephanie Phillips

Asheboro, NC

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